5 burning questions: Vaccine mandates for cross-border trucking

Starting on Saturday, the cross-border trucking community faces the first stage of vaccine mandates. The Canadian government is implementing its restrictions first. U.S. truckers will only be able to cross the border if they can show proof that they ha…

U.S.-Canada Trucking Vaccine Mandates Still Apply

Trucks line up to U.S. customs to enter into Blaine, Wash., in Surrey, Canada, March 18, 2020. (Jesse Winter

The Supreme Court struck down the OSHA vaccine mandate for large employers, but the situation for trucking between the U.S. and Ca…

Unvaccinated Canadian truckers allowed to re-enter Canada

New details have emerged about Canada’s cross-border vaccine rules for Canadian truck drivers that are set to go into effect on Saturday.
Officials now say they will not be imposing testing or quarantine requirements for unvaccinated or partially vacci…