FIBA expands US headquarters, aims to double production

FIBA is investing several million dollars in expanding its manufacturing facilities at its headquarters in Littleton, Massachusetts, installing new equipment and increasing its skilled production workforce. FIBA told gasworld the expansion was necessary to meet demand for high-pressure gas storage and gas distribution vessels around the world.

The company is expecting increased demand in hydrogen storage and equipment such as HCL tube trailers for the electronics sector. Stephen Finn, Vice President Sales and Marketing at FIBA Technologies, said, “All key players in the storage and transportation of hydrogen are compelled to invest to help drive down the price of hydrogen at the pump. FIBA takes this responsibility seriously and, because demand for high-pressure gas storage and gas distribution vessels continues to grow globally, has already begun a construction project to expand its manufacturing facility at the Littleton, Massachusetts headquarters to 250,000 sq. ft.”

Finn added, “The investment is going into not just expanding the manufacturing facilities, but also installing new equipment and adding to the skilled production workforce.

The company aims to double its production capacity to prepare for growth in hydrogen storage and transportation.”